Restaurants from around the country, including national and regional chains as well as local establishments, are coming together on Tuesday, March 24 to launch the Great American Takeout.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 on US shores over the last few weeks, the restaurant industry has taken a massive hit. In addition to many Americans self-isolating in the first few weeks, about half the country is now under orders or advisement to shelter in place.  And in many states, governors have ordered restaurants, bars, and breweries to close their dining rooms.

But many in the restaurant industry believe that they can survive, and in some cases, thrive if they can stay legally compliant with dining room rules while ramping up their takeout and delivery services even more, whether it’s through their own delivery staff or services like DoorDash, Postmates, Grubhub, and others.

Yesterday, we documented how a Celero customer and Atlanta-area restaurateur managed to steady his own café’s sales through clever neighborhood takeout services.

Celero Commerce is proud to serve thousands of restaurants around the country with a variety of services, including payment processing, point-of-sale terminals, integrated business management applications, and loyalty programs. During these uncertain times, we think it’s important to tell the positive stories of innovation and collaboration in America’s business community.  It’s that remarkable American spirit that will get us through these times, no matter how long our public health crisis lasts.

Join us in the Great American Takeout today, and share your takeout stories with us on our social media channels. We encourage everyone to continue to support their local restaurants via takeout and delivery as you are able to do so. Also know that many of your national and regional chains are owned by local franchisees, so don’t forget to support these neighbors, too!

Annie Astraikis

Written by Annie Astraikis