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E-Commerce Solutions to Set Your Business Apart

By Celero Commerce on Sep 21, 2023 10:53:21 AM

Celero Connect is our flagship gateway, an intuitive and versatile product that enables customers to transfer funds and conduct other transactions. Gateways make all card transitions easy to accept, providing an interface that collects customer information and the ability to store preferred payment methods. 

In stores, we call similar systems point-of-sale devices. However, a gateway can operate outside of stores, effectively making them checkout portals that safeguard a customer's private information with equal vigor as a POS when conducting transactions of varying types online.

Connect has many features like shopping carts, virtual terminals, fraud detection, invoicing, QuickBooks integration, APIs integrations, and even a mobile app component. Other Connect features, listed below, also help grow your business, streamline your operations, and improve the customer experience. 

Electronic Invoicing

With Connect, sending bills to your customer’s inbox is easy. Better yet, they enjoy the simplicity of clicking to pay.

Recurring Billing

Like a subscription, recurring billing guarantees a steady cash flow. It's better for merchants because it's fully automated, so you're no longer logging on each month to add an account's details. 

Customer Vault

This tokenized means of storing customer details makes managing memberships or payment credentials safely. It's a storage database that's sensitive to privacy and built for cyber security, as a Vault ID is assigned to each bill or piece of credit, debit, or bank account information. 

Collect Checkout

With Connect, you can close sales more efficiently when you add a button to your checkout feature on your website, in-store, or in emails.

Multi-MID Capabilities

MIDs ensure a merchant account is, in fact, the destination for funds. Merchant ID management of multiple merchant IDs on a single network gateway can help consolidate reporting, too. This capability gives businesses the added advantage of segmenting transactions for purposes like specifying a sales channel, tracking how customers use different currencies on a site, and more.

Electronic Check

Accepting electronic checks is a breeze with a virtual terminal or an online store. eChecks process more quickly, leading to faster cash flow. In the U.S., using the automated clearing house (ACH) is a great safeguard for check security.

Fraud Prevention

Safe and secure, Connect enables real-time fraud scrubbing of any questionable transactions. Scrubbing helps your eCommerce site accept cards by verifying IP addresses and checking IP deny lists or blacklists. 

Enhanced Data

This feature provides extended transaction data to the processor, giving your business the best chance to qualify for optimal interchange rates. The enhanced data tool can settle batches within 24 hours to obtain the lowest interchange cost. 

Learn More About Connect

When it comes to bundling a payment tool that's customizable, technically sound, and secure, the team at Celero is committed to continuous innovation that powers the growth of our customers. Contact our representatives to learn more about what Connect can do for you.

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