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We Are Celero Commerce

By scott farace on Jul 6, 2020 12:00:00 AM

When I envisioned creating a great company that enables our customers to grow and thrive, it sure looked a lot like this.

Celero Commerce is comprised of several teams coming together with a great sense of purpose and commitment to our mission of creating the ultimate platform of payments and technology solutions that enable small to mid-sized businesses to compete and win. Our country has always counted on entrepreneurs, and they should count on us in return.

This week, we are celebrating our teams from the former UMS Banking, Tandem Innovative Payment Solutions, and Elmhurst Financial coming together with the Celero crew under one, united brand that reflects that purpose and mission. As those brands recede into history, we are honored that these teams chose us over the last 18 months, as partners and friends on a journey of raising the standards for American business.

We want to ensure that no longer will only large corporations enjoy enterprise solutions including business management software, frictionless payment processing, big data, and more. Our work together democratizes technology in the service of financial and business operations, enabling growth for customers from the Tennessee Titans down to even the solo, work-from-home founder bootstrapping her way to realize financial freedom.

And our community bank partners will no longer feel as though they are trying to keep up, only accessing second-class solutions when business owners compare them to their megabank counterparts. Community banks are the top driver of small business capitalization in America, and as such, they deserve platforms that are sophisticated in capability but easily implemented as they battle to keep and grow market share with the relationships they have deservedly earned. In partnering with us, we will be sure they are now leading.

That’s what we’re here to do, and the people of Celero Commerce are working diligently every day to live our purpose and make this mission happen.

Thank you, our merchants and financial institution partners, for joining us on this journey. It’s going to be an amazing ride.

scott farace

Written by scott farace