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The Impact of Technology on Small Business Marketing

By scott farace on Sep 7, 2020 12:00:00 AM

When I was looking to come on board to the fledgling Celero Commerce last year, two aspects of the opportunity were especially appealing. First, Celero was creating a dream team of people that I knew could conquer virtually any challenge. Second, the challenge they had picked was right up my alley.

The whole premise of this organization is to provide the technology tools, whether it’s payments hardware and software, SaaS, or integrated apps, to small and medium-sized businesses, technology that will help them grow quickly and sustainably, even in competition with the big boys of their industry. The beauty of great business technology—and we are assembling an arsenal of technology designed to meet every need of the small business owner—is that while those big boys must often step up as early adopters, the irresistible force of that technology is its democratizing effect. Eventually, it’s in everyone’s hands, and it evens the playing field. Game on.

What I’ve really seen in the world of marketing is that the digital age has transformed the ability for small and medium-sized businesses to compete on the same level as their larger counterparts. And I think when you start looking at what you can do with targeted digital advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, and, even to a larger extent, what is now available in broadcast radio and television with niche markets, you can find very affordable means to deliver your message to your target audience that was not available to you even 20 years ago. It’s amazing what the advancements of technology have done for the ability of the small and medium sized businesses to compete with larger organizations.” 

Here in the payments industry, we’ve witnessed the ability of technology to scale down to meet the needs of the smallest business and save them during this pandemic. You may have seen us share a recent webinar on social media, where our in-house product guru, Tim MacDonald, talks about a wave of integrated technology that’s saving businesses by the thousands. A pair of payments technology platforms, Clover POS, with its terminals seen in thousands of restaurants, salons, and service companies across the country, and the popular payment gateway, Authorize.net, have teamed up with a pair of developers to make going digital easy.

Clover has teamed up with Ecwid, and Authorize.net with Big Commerce, to bring quick, easy-to-build, and extremely cost effective apps for building websites. These websites enable any small business to share menus and merchandise online, giving customers the ability to prepay for in-person and curbside purchases or pay outright and have products shipped. Truly, these integrations are delivering the benefits of e-commerce and digital marketing for many.  

Perhaps the best thing about technology is that it never stops, and we’ll keep bringing those innovations to small businesses everywhere.

The benefits of e-commerce have provided a much-needed lifeline during the pandemic, but they will ultimately transcend the pandemic as small businesses will have diverse sales channels, both analog and online.

scott farace

Written by scott farace